Marked once again…❤️ collar to follow 

what an amazing day with Master once again!!!

I was blindfolded, bound, fucked, spanked and literally devoured and used up like a good little fuck toy should! 

I hit sub space hard and Master cared for me afterwards with such wonderful cuddling and helping care for my red ass. It was so beautiful!

After we rested he had me clean up and get dressed and we headed out i thought for lunch but nope he took me to get another tattoo to go with the one he already marked me with. This time he wanted a heart under our three dots ❤️ Love love it!!!!!!!!!

As we were parting ways he gave  the most amazing kiss and told me what a good girl i have been lately and that i had finally earned my new collar!!!! I almost died… Finally my collar!! Everyone knows ive been dying for one!

 He ordered it and told me how perfect it is for me.. It will be in next week!  Its all i have been waiting for! I cried as he kissed my wrist and then said bye slut i love you. Thank you for letting me own you. Fuck hes a dream. 

Today was the best day!!! 

Owned girl xxx

Tomorrow … Master’s orders

I thought of you all night.Delicious wonderful things. Even in my dreams. Hard when I woke up.

This is what you are for. You are a vice for me. You serve a deep

dark need, that only you know about. Tomorrow I want you with 0

scents on you. That means no hair stuff no body stuff nothing. I

want to smell you, your skin and your hair only. No products. I

want to smell sex on you, nothing else. 

I wanna smell you like a fucking animal I wanna get in that room and

be able to smell your pussy when I walk in. Do you understand slut.

Not one fucking extra thing. Shower and done. 🙂


A few words from Master…

You are a kept slut. The beauty of us, is that even when we aredone, you are owned and scarred forever, which means you will

always be kept for as long as you live. I could break you 1000

times and you’d be back if I said the word. That is power, that is

a gift. You allow me that power so I can take care of you. You are

a trophy, an object of desire, my most prized possession. My slut.

My love. Xo

My collar

On a super sexy ride with Master today he made mention of a present for me soon.

He wont tell me what but says I have been wanting this and that Im going to love it!

Of course a collar comes to my little sub mind..The collar is something I have been dreaming of from him. And he fully knows this.

But Master had given me my bracelet and I have to wear that always! I have also been marked on my wrist with his markings permanently.  To him that is my collar and I am fully aware of it.  I had forgotten my bracelet just once.  I would to never do that again. 

Dont get me wrong, I love them and am more than happy but they just arent the collar Ive always craved.Ive been wanting a collar as far back as I can remember.  He says im bratty when I talk like that and i usually end up with a pinch for my mouthing about it but I just cant help it!! 

I want a pretty collar that I can present him with properly. It seems natural and the way it should be to me. 

I will love anything he gets me of course but Im keeping my fingers crossed for my new collar!!! 😜

Is this too bratty?! 😈

Happy owned girl xxx

Ropes..clamps..jewel..oh my! 

Today was pure bliss with Master.

Pure sexy fucking bliss.

When he walked in to the room I was exactly how he told me to be.

Jewel in.. Vibrator doll nighty he bought me on. On the floor wide open for his pleasure.

I felt like such a good girl and when I saw his eyes as he walked towards me unbuckling his belt i knew I was his good girl.

I also knew that belt would serve as my leash for the next couple hours. I saw him briefly this morning he walked up to my desk and flashed me that belt.. He whispered do you like this new white belt slut? When I said yes he grinned and said good .. Whites a good color on you 🙂

I knew soon that belt would be around my neck guiding me to sub space controlling each and every breath. He knows how I love this.

As he stood above me his feet pinning my hair to the floor he had me still fucking the vibrator… He leaned down and slid the belt around my neck and using that he pulled me up onto my knees kissed my head and then tightened up his grip as I looked up at him i saw his pleasure in holding my breathing in his control. I couldnt control my wetness and he knew it. He told me not to cum not yet whore.
he then picked me up and on the bed he placed small clips on to my excited nipples. i thought i couldnt get any wetter. fuck those felt amazing. he flicked and pulled and licked and tugged
and as he pulled told me to let go… let go baby girl and cum for your Master. that was a squirting event like no other before. i love how he covers my mouth when I cum it makes wild.

He flips me over and takes a pair of the panties he had me put out for him and ties my wrists with them. he then ties me so nicely with new pretty rope. its purple my favorite color.
he wraps me like a present almost i am loving every pull of each precise knot.
once he is satisfied he begins to fuck.
and fuck my cunt he does deep and hard and then I feel more fullness. he is fucking me good with the vibrator and his cock my plug tight in my ass i am stretching fully for him.
He is so excited and I know he wants to cum deep in my asshole but its too late my plug rubbing his balls is too much and he pulls my ropes til theyre rubbing me good and he fills me all up.
He tells me what a good perfect little girl I was for him as he gently unwraps me and lays me on my side and smothers me with gentle wet kisses and pats my long hair. He says I love you my perfect little sub.
Sub space achieved.
I am in love with my Master
xxowned girlxx
thanks all for letting me share as I eat my chocolate 😘😘😍😍


Sweet Surprise 

Sorry simply reblogging for a special someone 😉

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Apparently Master likes surprises.

Today he surprised me with a text that said panties off, jewel in be ready when I pull up.

He picked me up and away we went.

He pulled to a secluded spot where he began his playtime. First his hand on my throat tight fast squeezes while his other hand worked my ass. pulling at my jewel tugging and twisting while I gushed my juices onto his car seat. But no cumming…he warns.

No fucking cumming

I almost fucked up more than once With that rule. I wanted to let go so bad I could barely stand the ache in my cunt. He slipped his thick fingers in and out of my ass with the jewel making it hurt just ever so nicely then into my pussy he would go. In and out of both my sopping holes he worked me hard. My tits were…

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