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Exploring sexuality in BDSM and D/s relationships

Had to share! 🙂

Tall, Dark and Dominant


I wanted to talk about sexuality in BDSM because it’s something that sparks a lot of confusion and controversy among certain circles.

Some folk new to the idea of BDSM might figure that the role of the Dominant is assigned to a man, just as the role of the submissive is assigned to a female. This isn’t true and it’s one of the beautiful things about BDSM and a D/s relationship.

The role can belong to any gender who possesses that mindset and traits. In fact, people can move between the two roles, which has led to some people using the label ‘switch’.

So you see, two men can be engaged in a D/s relationship, just as two women can be engaged in a D/s relationship. In other examples, the woman can be the Dominant (or ‘Domme’) and her submissive can even be a male. There’s no shame in a…

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Tuesdays gone

Sweet Tuesday may be gone..But masters deep dark markson me  are not. I am left with the sweet reminders of being owned and cherished by him. I was his very good girl yesterday.  I couldnt be more proud of where I was able to let myself get to.  Master gave me extra markings because of how good I was doing.  I was able to take more of his strong hand with me than ever. Subspace  is a euphoric state that I dread ever leaving. 

Yesterday was perfect! Full of love and pain.  The best stinging pain I have felt thus far with Master.

Thanks to all my new friends on here  for all the support and advice to help me achieve proper subspace and the confidence to enjoy every sweet crack on my ass…his  tight squeezing around my throat and the amazing binding of my small wrists.

Much love to my new friends! ❤️ 

Sweet Tuesday

Finally the day has come.  Villa day with Master. By tonight Ill have been marked and taken again.

Nerves have gone and calm has settled in knowing Ill be Masters good girl today.

Knowing all the love Ill receive thru his sweet pain.

The marks on my wrists and around my neck. I Hope they last so I can hold on to them to keep him close to me.

His strong hand with me is all I crave. His hard slap and the redness it leaves behind gives me chills.

Its time.  Its Tuesday. 

Jewels arrival

Master presented me today with my new plug (jewel) as master refers to them… for tomorrows villa time. It is pretty but I dont feel confident I have  trained well enough. Thoughts of disappointing him are overwhelming me.  I am working on confidence with my training but it has been a challenge and I have found myself being reprimanded often. But thru his punishments of me I still find His words are encouraging and he seems proud of my advancements thus far.  I have so many tasks to complete today and so many instructions for tomorrow.  Master becomes quite demanding as we get closer to our time together. This seems to be how it is everytime.  We only have tomorrow to fit everything in that is on his list for then I will not be with him again for another month.

Sorry to ramble my mind is getting crowded and I had to let some thoughts that were clouding my goals and purpose spill out. 

Instruction Day

Today is the day before I meet master again

Instructions have begun for our villa day

Excitement and nerves are settling in

I want things to be perfect for him

Training has been intense so time now to prove myself

I miss his strong hands on me

Maybe I will have a punishment or two coming my way

If Im a lucky girl 😉 

Early words 

They have no fucking idea..

The way you cry for me

The way you worship me

The way you lower yourself for my needs

The way I use you

The way I hurt you

The way I love you beyond comprehension

The way your mascara runs down your face when i cut off you air supply with my cock stuffed down your open throat

They have no idea the whore you really are

That is for me alone

My good little girl

You are owned & adored 


Tuesday Master and me head to our villa. 

It has been too long since last villa.

My anxiousness and excitement are keeping me sleepless.

Will the pain be too much?

Or will it be his adoration that hurts even more? 

Master is kind to me.

Master has a strong hand with me.

I am going to be a good girl.

Simple thoughts that are wandering through my head preparing for master.