My collar

On a super sexy ride with Master today he made mention of a present for me soon.

He wont tell me what but says I have been wanting this and that Im going to love it!

Of course a collar comes to my little sub mind..The collar is something I have been dreaming of from him. And he fully knows this.

But Master had given me my bracelet and I have to wear that always! I have also been marked on my wrist with his markings permanently.  To him that is my collar and I am fully aware of it.  I had forgotten my bracelet just once.  I would to never do that again. 

Dont get me wrong, I love them and am more than happy but they just arent the collar Ive always craved.Ive been wanting a collar as far back as I can remember.  He says im bratty when I talk like that and i usually end up with a pinch for my mouthing about it but I just cant help it!! 

I want a pretty collar that I can present him with properly. It seems natural and the way it should be to me. 

I will love anything he gets me of course but Im keeping my fingers crossed for my new collar!!! 😜

Is this too bratty?! 😈

Happy owned girl xxx


38 thoughts on “My collar

      1. Well my daddy J does not have the best taste in jewelry and he knows if I was going to wear it, it had to be tasteful. He will probably get you what you like 😊😘

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      2. Well I think after three years he’s learning my taste. I’m not gaudy at all and don’t really like a lot of jewelry. Love watches and have several. J has purchased necklaces and earrings with diamonds that sit in boxes because I don’t like them. He began to recognize that I wasn’t wearing them and told me to pick out what I like and will wear. When we were away last week we wandered into a Michael Kors store and I found a perfect rose gold bling bracelet that he’s getting for my birthday. Being the brat that I am. I wanted it then, but being the strong daddy he is, he said I could have it but as a birthday gift in September

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  1. i hope you can post a picture of your surprise soon and that it’s the collar you’re desiring. i know the power of Master’s collar around my neck…

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  2. I put a heart circled with love, just at the left of my pubic area for a Christmas present for J, about two years ago. He loves it! It’s small and discreet. He knows I can’t have a tatted up body for professional reasons.

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