Monthly Archives: June 2015

Marked once again…❤️ collar to follow 

what an amazing day with Master once again!!!

I was blindfolded, bound, fucked, spanked and literally devoured and used up like a good little fuck toy should! 

I hit sub space hard and Master cared for me afterwards with such wonderful cuddling and helping care for my red ass. It was so beautiful!

After we rested he had me clean up and get dressed and we headed out i thought for lunch but nope he took me to get another tattoo to go with the one he already marked me with. This time he wanted a heart under our three dots ❤️ Love love it!!!!!!!!!

As we were parting ways he gave  the most amazing kiss and told me what a good girl i have been lately and that i had finally earned my new collar!!!! I almost died… Finally my collar!! Everyone knows ive been dying for one!

 He ordered it and told me how perfect it is for me.. It will be in next week!  Its all i have been waiting for! I cried as he kissed my wrist and then said bye slut i love you. Thank you for letting me own you. Fuck hes a dream. 

Today was the best day!!! 

Owned girl xxx

Tomorrow … Master’s orders

I thought of you all night.Delicious wonderful things. Even in my dreams. Hard when I woke up.

This is what you are for. You are a vice for me. You serve a deep

dark need, that only you know about. Tomorrow I want you with 0

scents on you. That means no hair stuff no body stuff nothing. I

want to smell you, your skin and your hair only. No products. I

want to smell sex on you, nothing else. 

I wanna smell you like a fucking animal I wanna get in that room and

be able to smell your pussy when I walk in. Do you understand slut.

Not one fucking extra thing. Shower and done. 🙂