a good night kiss…💋

steals your breath away

gets your heart racing

pumps the blood thru your veins

makes your head spin

tilts your head backwards

kicks your leg up

makes you feel light as a feather

sends the room in to motion

stops time where it stands

sets your skin ablaze

coaxes your eyes to close

forces you to hold on tight 

delves deep in to your soul

moves your body to fit another

a good night kiss is magical

a good night kiss can own you

hope you all find your good night kiss…💋  

lying in bed…💋

what does He think of lying bed?

am i consuming His mind with tantalizing thoughts?

will i keep His sleep restless?

will He toss and turn all night?  His hard cock rubbing against the sheets…

will He dream of my fingers gently tracing down His leg? eagerly hoping i will reach His thick shaft?

is He dreaming of me slowly slipping down low under the covers to engulf my mouth fully with his manhood? 

does His wish to  have my mouth take control and suck all the restlessness and wandering thoughts away? 

does He worry to relinquish control even in slumber? 

will He this one time permit me to lead the way for Him to drift away peacefully and to give Him a true tender moment that will last until morning? 

i wonder all these things while lying in bed… 💋

Photo props to kinkyquotes.com❤️