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feeding a kitty…😛

my head is held back

my hands are bound

my knees are splitting

my mind spinning round

your gaze is dark 

your hips eye level

knees wide apart 

it is time to revel

your hands on my throat

i can sense how you gloat

how i know your strong stance

its time to finish this dance

i am about to be filled

and soon to be thrilled

open wide My pretty girl 

let Me ruin your world

I will thrust in to you deep 

for you are Mine to keep

let Me smear your sweet face

for I know you wont waste 

a drop of My nectar

I know you would never

so be still little one

I have your hair tight

with all of My might

so drink up little kitty with your eyes pouring tears

you are safe here with Daddy with out any fears

your Daddy’s milk is gold

 you are My chosen to hold

My  kitten you did well

and for now you have your fill..

so now sleep sweet girl at My feet you shall lie…

til you are hungry again and I read those green eyes… 💋 😉

**a poem from early kitten years sorry if its immaturish in form but it is just so dear to me 💙😻**

a good night kiss…💋

steals your breath away

gets your heart racing

pumps the blood thru your veins

makes your head spin

tilts your head backwards

kicks your leg up

makes you feel light as a feather

sends the room in to motion

stops time where it stands

sets your skin ablaze

coaxes your eyes to close

forces you to hold on tight 

delves deep in to your soul

moves your body to fit another

a good night kiss is magical

a good night kiss can own you

hope you all find your good night kiss…💋